Dog Day

With a music collection as extensive as mine, there are times when I decide to do a systematic run-through based on a chosen theme. R.E.M. are just too extensive for anything less than a weekend, but every now and then, when I know I’ve the time for it, without interruption, I’ll give myself up to my favourite band of all time, start to finish, Murmur to Collapse into Now.

Back in the latter days of last year, I decided to play myself through my entire CD collection, my shop-bought CDs that is, discounting the hundreds of compilation discs I’ve burned myself. That’s Amaral to The Zombies.

Which made today a Dog day, as in Pavlov’s Dog. That’s nine CDs, many of them extended, with a break to play a downloaded hour-long live gig for 1975, just for the hell of it.

It’s early enough yet for me to go on to the next on the alphabetical list once the final track of Echo and Boo- and other assorted tails fades away, but I’m a respecter of purity so I’ll switch off the CD player after this and soak myself in a hot bath, and save the first Pere Ubu album for tomorrow, after Sounds of the Sixties. Musically, I’ve traveled from 1973 to 2010 today, without ever leaving my flat.

Everyone should have a Dog Day every now and then in their life.


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