The Horror. The Horror!

I have been unforgivable sloppy this year and I will be punished for it. We have a forthcoming Engagement Day at work, where they try to get us engaged with being there, and having a Brilliant Time at work, with food and drink and events and games and competitions. These are generally terrible in and of themselves: I go to work to work and get paid for it, not to enjoy myself. And what publicly celebrated event takes place in February? That’s right, it’s Valentines Day, the day of romance, of love, of hot, steamy sex if you’re lucky enough to get it. And I have left it too late to get the day off and avoid it all!

Just listen to this: ‘This will include a game ‘(…) Soulmates’ which will be our take on Mr & Mrs so if you have two people in your team who you think would be great at this make sure they register their interest  for a chance to win a cosy couple of hours in the (…) Room with a film and refreshments.’

It’s not fair. I am one with Charlie Brown on this: I know nobody loves me, but why do we have to have Valentines Day to rub it in?

The Horror. The Horror!

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