An FA Cup Rant

Steve McLaren, manager of the Derby County team defeated in Wednesday’s FA Cup Fourth Round replay by Leicester City, has called upon the FA to end replays in FA Cup games, because he doesn’t want them.

McLaren’s main concern is Derby’s attempt to win promotion from the Championship. In the other dugout, Leicester manager Claudio Ranieri’s priority is not being relegated to the Championship. The managers’ priorities were demonstrated by their making a total of 18 changes from the teams competing in the previous weekend’s League matches.

That’s their business. McLaren seems to think that it would be better to have games decided by extra-time and penalties, in the one instance. He dresses it up by claiming that it would make the first game more spectacular. We all know he’s lying through his teeth, because he’d make the same number of changes for a one-off tie if it suited him, and he’s just talking shit.

I say that Derby County, and the club of any manager who wants to express such opinions, should instantly be expelled from the FA Cup. They’re not wanted, they don’t add anything, they are just sad fuck-ups out to deny the fans. The FA Cup doesn’t need them, it already has too many people undermining it, and it sure as hell won’t miss them.


2 thoughts on “An FA Cup Rant

  1. Well my team lost.I thought at one point some of the crowd would come on as a substitute to make up the numbers.We used to get this with the League Cup.I agree,if you are not taking it seriously it is both disrespectful and devaluing the competition.Part of the expected responsibility use to be to maintain League challenge and a have a Cup run.I support Leeds who for some years came second and or lost in latter stages of cup competitions with annoying regularity.Went for four one year,ended up with nothing.It’s THE CUP, for goodness sake,not a training session . .

  2. It doesn’t bother me in the League Cup because that is and always will be a lesser trophy, and because, when I still went to see Manchester United, I got to see promising youngsters. But I have loved the FA Cup all my life and I’m still taken with the romance of it, and its history, and I am deeply disappointed at how it is being degraded in every respect. And I will snap back at anyone who wants to devalue it further. You’re right: it’s THE Cup, the one that doesn’t need a name.

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