6 thoughts on “Sounds of the Sixties with… Tony Blackburn

    1. You have my agreement on that! But you may not be aware that there has for several years been opposition to SOTS enjoying such a prominent place in Radio 2’s schedule, given that most of the ‘speciality’ programmes are ghetto-ised elsewhere. Now Brian Matthew – Britain’s oldest-ever radio presenter – has left, that removes an obstacle to marginalising the programme. It’s slot has already been given to a Saturday Breakfast Show with someone like Dermot O’Leary. Of course, we could all just wake up at 8.00am, switch on the BBC i-Player and listen to it through that, but why should we have to? And Tony Blackburn being the Sixties Tony Blackburn isn’t my idea of Saturday morning listening. I foresee radical changes to the programme.

  1. As feared it has become the Tony Blackburn show with his dated 1970’s disco dj style. No interesting information or snippets on the records/artists, just him blathering on (not to mention that ridiculous woof woof). Then there is O’Leary, I used to turn the radio off at 3pm when his show started as it almost sent me to sleep it was that boring. Now he’s on at 8am with the same format, does anyone manage to drink their cuppa before nodding off again?
    Brian and SOTS 8am – 10am was a great way to start a Saturday, whichever clown decided to make these changes has cost Radio 2 a good many listeners, me being just one.

    1. I won’t listen. I knew, from the moment it was announced, and from the change in timeslot, what was going to happen, and the playlist for week 1 was enough to confirm I wasn’t wrong. Now you give me even more evidence, after I didn’t even check last weekend’s playlist, just deleted the website from favourites. The problem is that a massive crash in audience won’t make Radio 2 bring it back, it’ll just ‘prove’ to them that they were right to kill it. Thank god we got rid of it in time. And as the BBC were the only radio station that would have even considered a SOTS like that, we will never find a substitute. At least we had it this long. Don’t ever get attached to things like that, they will only ever be taken away.

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