The Legendary Semi-Autobiographical First Novel: On the Page

Back on December 15th, I announced (by way of creating a rod for my own back) that I was going to dedicate myself to transcribing a novel written in first draft thirty years ago, which I finally wanted to exist in a more permanent form than the original hand-written sheets.

I estimated it would probably take me half a year just to transcribe: I was out by the best part of three months. I also intended only to transcribe, but the further the transcription progressed, the more I got into my old work, and the more ideas came to me for improving and deepening it.

But first things first. I have been off work over the entire Easter weekend, and I have used that time to format and re-format (and re-format and re-format and re-format and re-format…) my final script until it looks as professional and physically correct as I can get it, and I have today designed its cover, and finalised it with, and ordered a proof copy.

It now exists, and anyone can read it. Provided that anyone is me, that is.

But the job I set out to do is done, and I am now free to start working on the Second (and any subsequent) Draft. I suspect that’s going to take longer than four months, but when it’s done, this version will be made publicly available.

I’m just going to relax out the rest of the weekend now.

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