When to stop: Goodbye Preacher

Bugger off, you bore me

When it first appeared, last summer, I thought the TV version of Preacher had got it right. It captured the insanity, brutality and sheer cockamie absurd and black humour of the original comic. And in Joe Gilgun as Cassidy, it had an insanely good star.

The first series lasted ten episodes. It started in a blaze of fire and glory and gradually lost steam. By about episode six, the pace had dropped to a crawl and it just had less and less energy from that point on, lifting its head every now and then to bludgeon you into crazed laughter and then slumping once again.

Still, season 1 was, effectively, a Prelude. Things would get a lot more serious once our terrible trio of Jesse Custer, Tulip O’Hare and Cassidy got on the road. And for a little bit, in the first couple of episodes of season 2, it looked like it.

Then they turned the gas off. The third episode dragged and the fourth was even worse. My interest levels dropped between the opening scene and the closing credits. nothing was happening and it was happening painfully slowly.

Maybe it’s me being jaded. I’m finding quite a few things of late to be so slow-moving I wonder what anyone bothered. Unfortunately, Preacher is a TV series, not a movie. And I’ve now baled out.

If you’re just not enjoying something, it is actually ok to stop. When the Fall comes around, I’m baling on Supergirl and Arrow is on double-secret probation. You don’t have to stick with something just to find out what the end is. Endings only matter is you give the proverbial rat’s ass for them. Sorry, Preacher, you don’t interest me any more.

2 thoughts on “When to stop: Goodbye Preacher

  1. I get where you’re coming from, but enjoying it a little more. Granted I’ve never read the comics, so I’m intrigued by the mysteries and questions…
    But I’m still trying to figure out the point of the first season. I know they want 6-7seasons and will milk it out, but as you state you’ve gotta keep interest up…

    But anytime you’re laboring to get through something, it’s not worth your time. I had watched every episode of Fear The Walking Dead, and it would go through stretches of being interesting and good to dull and very annoying characters.
    But when this season started, I,completely forgot about it. I did see the first episode Sunday and it was “eh.” And I’ll be facing that dilemma of probationary watching….

  2. It’s not something that usually happens to me, and when it does it’s usually abandoning books I’m just not enjoying. It was like this is season 1 where the first five episodes had an energy to them that seemed to just evaporate at the midway point, like air out of a bicycle tyre. Episode 3 this time felt so slow that by the time we got to episode 4, I couldn’t maintain any interest in it. It’s not the difference to the original series, it’s the show’s own flaws. And they are wasting Cassidy by giving him nothing to do.

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