The Eagle Has Landed

It serves me right, really. I ought to be celebrating, achieving the implausible, the last Eagle, bought and sent and collected and opened and read.

And incomplete.

Yes, that’s right. I swallowed my ethical objections and bought the vastly over-priced missing one. And the centrespread is missing.

No cutaway drawing.

No Riders of the Range.

No Luck of the Legion.

No Jack O’Lantern.

No enjoyment of the achievement. Just one sheet of paper and half the regular serials gone, just like that. As completely not mentioned in the eBay item.

As the seller is a PowerBuyer, I cannot leave anything but Positive Feedback for seven days, to enable the seller to placate me in some way. I have vented my feelings in a message that makes it plain I have no intention of returning this for a refund. So, what reply will I get? And will it keep me from a Negative (the horror! the horror!) review?

Gee, what a way to complete a collection.

2 thoughts on “The Eagle Has Landed

  1. Well, they’re either going to offer me a partial refund or I’m going to give them a Negative Review, at which point eBay will collapse in on itself and the world come to an end, so you may have to miss the end of the story…

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