Sometimes Ghosts turn up in unexpected places

I’m moving forward rapidly with the revolving Third Draft of Love Goes to Building on Sand, three more chapters to finish the latest run-through, and one inconsistency (where I have given the leading lady different birthdays for each of the two years the story covers) to locate and fix.

You may remember me putting up a couple of posts, during the transcription phase, about how rediscovering this novel was exhuming ghosts that it had successfully laid to rest many years ago. And about the night when, in only twenty minutes, I tracked down the real-life avatar of that leading lady, down to her address.

There was one other old contact from the days that form the bedrock for this book, my then best mate, but he had proved elusive. He’d stayed on at the firm where we were Articled, become a Partner, gone on with the firm’s merger with another local firm, and been a Partner there, but he was no longer with them. The most recent Google reference to him that I’d been able to trace was ten years ago, and I was worried about the implications…

Well, I needn’t have been concerned. I hadn’t tried searching again since that time, but tonight, just when I should have been getting my head down and sleeping, the impulse came, out of nowhere, to try again (I’ve been off work for over a week, and gradually doing all sorts of tidying, and I suppose this loose end was something needing straightening and putting away). This time it took me thirty minutes.

Yes, my old mate is still among the land of the living, still doing the well for himself in the Profession that was obvious from when I knew him. Only, he no longer lives in Nottingham. And hasn’t since 2013. Indeed, earlier this year he’s changed firms again, but still in the same city.

He’s only gone and moved to bloody Manchester! And I have an e-mail address for him by which I can contact him. And though our paths have diverged incredibly since we were sharing a room nearly forty years ago, I’m going to chance an e-mail and see if he remembers me.

All that time, and we’ve been living in the same city for the last four years. Sometimes, your Ghosts can follow you around.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes Ghosts turn up in unexpected places

  1. We’ll have to see. He’s been a fantastic success in exact;y the way I haven’t, which was entirely predictable, so it’s not like we have much in common now, but who knows?

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