An hour of Radio One

I haven’t listened to Radio One for an hour’s stretch – actually, nearly ninety minutes – since I can’t remember which decade. Long, long ago, I decided that it was not offering anything desirable to a man of my generation and that it was no longer playing any music aimed at someone like me.

This afternoon, after doing a mini-shift to pay back the time allowed me on Friday evening, I went straight round the corner to the Barbers, where I had to wait over an hour just to get into the chair.

An hour of Radio One, of somebody called Greg James. An hour of nothing but dance music, barring one quasi-rock song, with varying degrees of tune to it, but not what you’d call music, not really, it’s just noise. An hour of being my mother and father, except that I was aware I was thinking exactly the same things they thought fifty years ago, and that I was not saying them aloud.

But I was thinking them loudly.

Never again. I’ll have to find another Barbers, for reasons other than the music I hasten to add, though it is a factor. I don’t want to replay the past that much, certainly not the bits where I have to move over to the other side of the ride.

Whatever happened to Mark’n’Lard?

2 thoughts on “An hour of Radio One

  1. Mark Radcliffe on BBC 6 Music, Monday to Friday 1.00am to 4.00pm with his current sidekick Stuart Maconie. Still reliably daft, though often intelligent, with good to great music.

    Lard (Well, Marc Riley nowadays) also BBC 6 Music 7.00pm to, I dunno, 9 or 10..

    Of course, you may already know this, and were reaching for humorous effect.

    If you don’t already listen to it, Iggy Pop’s 6 Music show at 7.00pm Friday’s is great, though he’s away for the next week or two.

  2. Thanks for the info, David, and no, I didn’t know any of this. Sadly, with my current work schedule, I can’t listen to any of these live. Even more sadly, although 6 Music has always been a station I’ve known I should listen to, I’ve lost the urge to listen to new music: I barely have time for what I already have, and I’d rather discover something from the past that I’d never heard before than something new. I hope that doesn’t happen to you.

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