At Last…

… I’m online, and on-laptop for that matter. Starting last night, when I logged off, and continuing all this morning until literally minutes ago, I have been blocked from several planned activities by the unbelievable slowness of a Windows 10 update.

Seriously, I have climbed Lakeland fells in the time this update has taken to progress, more than one, and I am not talking about the Latrigg’s and Black Fells of this world. It has been horrendously slow and has threatened to derail certain plans I had for today by delaying me for so long.

And for what? You tell me: I just cancelled the big fancy stuff about what they’ve done for me, especially as the shit about making it easier for me to connect to my (non-existent) smart phone. I rely on the things I have been unable to do so far to help keep me just about sane.

Until now, I haven’t had a bad word to say about Windows 10: it’s given me no problems (Dell crappy laptops is another thing,don’t get me started) but this is a serious p*******r.

Heads must roll for this, or at least kneecaps.

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