Spinning Wheels…

As I write this, it is almost 7.30pm on Sunday evening, Christmas Eve. I am still at work, with the prospect of another ninety minutes before me. The last bus home left the bus station fifteen minutes ago.

As it happens, I live close enough to be able to walk home, if I want to do so at 9.00pm on Christmas Eve, on Sunday. In terms of distance, it’s not too far, although 90% of it is uphill, and it involves walking through a district that may not be the least salubrious where I live, but is definitely in the top three percentile.

And this is before I factor in my arthritic right knee. And hip.

However, courtesy of the holiday spirit of a colleague who I’ve never spoken to before, I am guaranteed a lift home. He’s said home and he means home, but I’m going to get him to drop me off outside the chipshop, which is a little bit nearer than the bus stop anyway, and much as I appreciate the gesture, I’m not going to drag him all the way down to the bottom of my road, when he’ll then gave to drive all the way back and turn right across whatever traffic there may be at that point.

No, it’s the fact that I’m still here at all, that they’re requiring us to stay until our shifts end at 9.00pm, even though we’re not getting any calls for our team’s discipline, and we haven’t been getting any all day, and after 7.30pm on a Christmas Eve Sunday, there’s absolutely fuck-all we can do to help now.

So I’m doing everything I can to get through the intervening time and reach 9.00pm and get out of here.

And now I am home and the world is locked out, and my kingdom may be small, in fact, the word is usually use is pokey, but it belongs to me, and me alone. Peace, if not on Earth then on the small section of it I call ‘home’. I raise a glass to all of you who read here, and wish you the Xmas Day that gives you the most.

11 thoughts on “Spinning Wheels…

  1. My hand slipped !

    I wondered how you were and found this adress again through FTN . Very pleased that your colleague gave you that lift . I had a half-replacement knee six months ago, and am just so happy to walk with just a tiny inconvenience but no pain ! Now properly retired at seventy I’m getting around to doing jobs on the house and garden which have been waiting for decades. Soon to go woodcutting for firewood,… with that new knee .

    Best wishes to you, Dave

    PS do you have any idea on AndyLucia’s site ? On twitter but I don’t twit . d

  2. Hi Dave, nice to have a name to go behind the tag, and thanks for the best wishes.

    I’m currently on painkillers thrice daily, which are (usually) working wonders for my hip but doing little or nothing for my knee. I’m a recent diagnosee, so replacements are a long way down the track.

    Sorry, I haven’t a link to Andy’s page. i think I had it when he first set it up, but I must have combed it out on one of those clear-bookmarks-I-don’t-use missions. And I don’t twit or tweet or whatever it is either.

    Keep enjoying that retirement.

  3. Martin — my sis was also on painkillers, and much pain all the same, before her hip, and then she was lucky in changing GP to another group who had an ‘in’ to private treatment paid for by the NHS .

    Do try to get it sorted as a priority , it makes such a difference !


  4. I’ll take that advice, but not the change of practice: I have a very good doctor who has done masses for me. I’ll arrange to see him early in the New Year.

    1. From the sound of it, your sister’s condition was much worse than mine. My knee can be very painful, but the pain lasts only for ten to fifteen seconds. I’ve no doubt my doctor will support me in relation to a replacement, but as I live alone in a (pokey) first floor ‘flat’ and work on the fourth floor of a building just across the Mersey basin, I’m not yet in a rush to go through the healing process without a support network…

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