Film 2018: Introduction

I have an uncounted number of DVDs, both TV and film. In order to make maximum use of minimum space, these are packed neatly into plastic bags, stacked one on top of another, with other things stacked on top of them. This means that I can barely see my DVDs, let alone choose to play them.

This has long since given me cause for concern, along why-have-them-if-you-never-use-them lines. But no more. I have decided that in 2018, I shall watch at least one film per week, probably but not definitely on Sundays. And, being a card-carrying blogger, I shall blog these films as I watch them, one by one.

Yes, my dear, card-carrying audience, once again you are to be guarantors to my promise, holding me to my commitment, ensuring that I do not break my word, for to do so would break our solemn covenant. Some of you may even care.

Shortly, I will delve through the bags and start to build a pile. Films only, single affairs, no box-sets (unless I’ve got too few to last me a whole year). Ideally, I would like a Film-Selecting Elf to come in once a week to shuffle something to the top that I have not personally chosen but in the absence of anything so useful, I intend to try to make the choice as random as possible.

Some of this stuff hasn’t even been watched a second time since I got it, you know.

So, welcome to Film 2018 (if the BB|C aren’t using it, I will). Bring your own bags of maltesers, milk shakes and bottles of caffeine-free Diet Coke, don’t drop the straws on the floor, and anyone caught trying to sneak in popcorn will be handed over to Sauron, ok?

Later: Well, would you credit it? Discounting box-sets, there are exactly 53 films to watch, counting the one I got this Xmas and haven’t sat down to yet. So, if I watch that before 2017 leaves us, that’s one a week. Sounds like a plan to me.

2 thoughts on “Film 2018: Introduction

  1. After a massive and much needed room cleaning and reorganization due to family Christmas, I,found my pile to watch/read/collect is massive.With holidays and using vacations days at end of year and freezing temps, I started to put a dent in watching my collection of Blu-Rays/DVDs.

    Most of mine is films I haven’t ever seen. A local music store went out of business 5-6 years ago, and I picked up a bunch of Blu Rays. (And this was before I,had a,player by few months/weeks. It had been long planned but never went through). In addition to some dvds from my dad and brother’s collections.

  2. With the exception of ‘Valerian’, which was this year’s Xmas, mine have all been watched once (though there’s a handful of TV DVDs still awaiting the time). They’re a mixed bag and there’s two I know I’ve bought that I can’t even find. Still, a year’s worth lies ahead.

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