Film 2018: Preview Night: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

53 single film DVDs does not go into 52 Sundays, but when one of them is a Xmas present as yet unwatched, then let us have that as a Preview.

My second impressions of Valerian… aren’t any different from my first ones. for which see here. It is still a good fun, visually splendid, feisty and funny film. Yes, it’s pretty much mindless, but that’s really the point of it, to go and have a good time.

On the smaller screen (of my laptop) it doesn’t lose too much of its visual splendour, and it’s once again interesting to note the vast difference between American CGI and European. Valerian makes no pretence at realism, especially in colour, preferring to adopt the vivid, metallic colours of the Christin/Mezieres comics.

That lovely intro, played over ‘Space Oddity’ still brings a lump to the throat at its depiction of greetings, of peace and harmony, and Cara Delivigne still brings a lump elsewhere: the lady is not merely gorgeous but perfect as Laureline: whether she can act or not, she brings the irrepressible lady to life. If only she had red hair.

The Rihanna bit is still a bomb: clever but it kills the momentum and will look unbelievably dated in five years time.

Otherwise, the pacing is great, and the criticism the film had back in August was still wrong-headed. More of this sort of thing, I say, more of it.

So a great time was had by one, if not all. Next week, we get serious.

One thought on “Film 2018: Preview Night: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

  1. Psst . HNY Martin !

    At the risk of appearing bossy, (!), do something, either the hip first or the knee .

    Unnecessary suffering is … unnecessary !

    Decide one’s prioritities .

    All the best …. Dave

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