More Modus

So Modus, ‘based’ on Anne Holt’s series of Norwegian psychological crime novels (based here being a word meaning ‘distorted out of all recognition’), has been granted a second series and will start up on BBC4 this coming Sunday evening.

And when I idly investigate what is likely to happen this time round, what do I learn? Well, for a start, Melinda Kinnaman is back as Inger Johanne Vik, would not normally be a hardship but that charisma-trench Henrik Norlen is also back as Ingvar Nymann. And, argh, oh my god, they are living together and she is pregnant!! He’s reproducing himself, can this be allowed? And is she really wearing her hair like that? Seriously?

And what about her two existing daughters? Stina and Linnea? They were the best thing about series 1 and it looks like they’re not even in series 2. And wait, who is in series 2? Why, it’s a big international cast, including Greg Wise, Billy Campbell, and Kim Cattrall, as the President of the United States, whose disappearance is the case that is to be solved.

Now this looks like it might be loosely based on the third Johanna Vik book, where series 1 was loosely based on the fourth. Until I watch series 2 (and read the relevant book in an English translation), I can’t comment as to how big a travesty the outcome is going to be, but absolutely everything I have read leads me to suspect this is going to be a disaster to rival the legendary Salamander, the standard by which all snarkfests are judged.

So, I have another week in which to sharpen the digital quill, and leave it soaking in a bowl of acid for Modus 2, but I cannot promise that, if it turns out to be the televisual Hindenberg I’m anticipating, I’ll actually last all eight episodes.

When, oh when is The Bridge 4 due?


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