Deep Space Nine: s06 e12 – Who Mourns For Morn?

What did I like about this episode? Hmm…

Oh God, it’s Quark again.

Not just that but the idea is that Morn, you know, the silent, big-mouthed background character, the one who’s always in the bar drinking, who’s supposed to be a non-stop talker when he’s not on camera, that Morn has been killed and made Quark his heir. And he owns 1,000 bricks of gold-pressed latinum, which brings four people out of thin air, all telling wild stories about Morn’s unrevealed past, all after the latinum for themselves. Whilst Quark schemes to keep it for himself.

What we have here is the elevation of an in-joke into the basis for an episode and even if it weren’t hung on Quark, it would have to be a lot more substantial – and not feature Morn walking in at the end, still alive – to be worth doing, and this isn’t.

It’s archaic, it’s out of place in the midst of the Dominion Wars, it’s silly and it reveals its awkwardness at the end where there’s a dialogue between Quark and Morn explaining the plot in which Quark has to supply both halves of the dialogue because Morn never speaks on camera.

And it’s bloody Quark for the second time in three weeks.

Guest stars include the slimy Gregory Itzin who I will forever associate with the slimy President Charles Logan in 24 and Bridget Ann White, a former gymnast who I will forever associate with the bare midriff, long legs and long red hair of her character Larell. I will try to disassociate that memory from the memory of this episode so I can enjoy it.

This is a fan-favourite episode. Ultimately, I suppose you will have to accept I am not a fan.


2 thoughts on “Deep Space Nine: s06 e12 – Who Mourns For Morn?

  1. Meh. Average. It was predictable but somewhat enjoyable. I’m sure seeing it again, it’d be one I’d struggle through with the things you point out.

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