Deep Space Nine: s06 e23 – Profit and Lace

This was a Ferengi story, and you know how I feel about Ferengi stories. In this one, Grand Negus Zek and Ishka, aka Moogie, turn up at DS9 because Zek has been deposed for pushing to allow Ferengi females to wear clothes and make profit. The new, Acting Grand Negus, to be confirmed in three days time, is Brunt. Zek plans to fight back. This involves producing Ishka to a leading and influential FCA member to show that letting females become human beings will be profitable. Unfortunately, Quark causes Ishka to have a heart attack, so another financially brilliant female has to be found at short notice. Since there isn’t one available, Quark undergoes a sex-change operation and drags up.

If you thought this was bad up to that point, and it was, from that moment on it was a hideous embarrassment, offensive and cliched at every point, all the way into the ridiculous close. From abut halfway through, I just wanted to switch this episode off and not have to see the rest of it. I wish I had. The absolute nadir. Everyone involved in it should have been put against a wall and shot.

7 thoughts on “Deep Space Nine: s06 e23 – Profit and Lace

  1. The worst Ferengi episode. Probably the worst of the worst of DS9. “Let He Who Is Without Sin…” gets a lot of hate, but they were at least trying to convey a message and show some growth. This was just a bad sit-com plot…

      1. As for the people involved…..our two show-runners wrote it and one of the lead actors (Dr. Bashir) directed it.

    1. By the show-runners! How often do they write the very worst episodes consistently! Bloody hell, they wrote Let He Who is Without…, this, and The Emperor’s New Cloak. Possibly the 3 worst episodes of the entire run.

      And yet, what experimentation there was in the series was down to Behr. He had to fight tooth and nail for every ounce of serialization.

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