Danny Kirwan R.I.P.

I don’t know much about former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Danny Kirwan, whose death aged 68 has been reported today. What I do know it that he wrote and played this beautiful 1972 instrumental from their ‘BareTrees’ album, that I have loved since I first heard it.

May he rest forever on the Sunny Side of Heaven.


2 thoughts on “Danny Kirwan R.I.P.

  1. Thanks (if that is the word) for this – I was an avid follower of early Fleetwood Mac (before they were big!) and loved the LP (as it was then) ‘Then Play On’ this cut (which I have never heard before) sounds very much like some of this. Well worth hunting down. Danny seemed to be another one who (like Peter Green) had very bad drugs experiences and this broke him – his life after the group seems to have been pretty awful. I had no idea he had died – your site is an inspiration and i was here looking at the Susan Cooper stuff when I saw this post.
    I am sure there are some who can give you far more details of Danny – I just envied his hair and looks and his guitar playing… when this was a proper group with Peter Green, Jeremy Spencer (he went AWOL as well!) and Danny K – plus the long serving bass and drums of McVie and Fleetwood they were brilliant! However I was only 18 or do at the time so maybe I was biased.
    Love the site – impressive and expansive!

    1. Morning Colin, and welcome, and thank you for the very kind words. Yes, Danny’s life after leaving the Mac was horrible – a nasty parallel to Peter Green but without the recovery. I heard – and taped – ‘Sunny Side of Heaven’ off the radio in about 1972, though why it was being played and why I punted on it I have no idea. Loved it from the first moment, but wasn’t inspired to seek more Fleetwood Mac. My enthusiasm for the Peter Green line-up is a retrospective one, and Danny K is an integral part of that era.
      Enjoy the site – there’s plenty of stuff to read and I try to post pretty regularly, though I would really rather not have too many of the R.I.P. posts…

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