5 thoughts on “Run

  1. Thanks so much Martin – yes quite amazing (even the dog was amazing!) these are truly epic feats… they always make it sound so easy! I remember my first visit to Borrowdale looking in at the Scafell Hotel and seeing the honours board for the Borrowdale fell run and the name of Bobby Bland who had won every year seemingly forever! it If you have never read it I would recommend Martin Askwith’s ‘Feet in the Clouds’ as an inspiration for those like me who are armchair runners but were keen walkers.

    1. Such feats amaze me because I know the effort required to walk and to think that people can run up fells at all, let alone as fast as this or for as long. Tales of Joss Naylor deciding to run up Scafell Pike on the spur of the moment and being back 29 minutes later… They’re not human is all I can say. I haven’t heard of the book but will look out for it now.

  2. Phenomenal achievement but quite beyond my comprehension how it’s even possible.

    The record for the Bon Graham round was smashed at the weekend too. A purple patch for fellrunners, clearly!

  3. I don’t understand it either. Up and down the Pike in half an hour. The only time I did it direct from Wasdale, no long approaches, it took me at least five times as long just to get up. Not human, clearly!

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