Deep Space Nine: s07 e06 – Treachery, Faith and the Great River

Someone’s not looking well

After being alert and receptive to the past few episodes, I was once again in a slump today, and couldn’t really get into what was a fairly crucial episode that marks a staging post on the road to the end.

This was a fairly deeply-divided A/B story, with Odo and Weyoun up front in a serious tale and O’Brien and Nog providing back-up on the comic side of the story. Basically, the latter was a repeat of those ‘chain-of-transactions’ stories we’ve seen Nog in before, usually with Jake. Sisko sets the Chief an impossible deadline to acquire a piece of equipment to do repairs, it’s impossible to get through normal channels, so Nog goes all Ferengi on it, bartering here, there and everywhere, until the Chief is convinced it’ll all end in disaster (for him) only for everything to work out at the last minute.

Fun but essentially predictable and lacking in the kind of detail that would demand we admire its ingenuity.

The A story is set up by Odo being drawn to meet a very reliable Cardassian informant who may not have been executed after all. In fact, he has and it is a decoy to enable Weyoun to meet Odo: Weyoun wishes to defect.

That comes as a surprise, and Odo is rightly suspicious, but this is a genuine attempt by Weyoun, except that he’s not the Weyoun we’ve gotten used to. That was Weyoun-5, disintegrated in a suspicious transporter accident a couple of months ago, in respect of which the finger of suspicion is being pointed at Gul Demar, who’s still quaffing k’narr like water (hint, hint).

Odo’s dealing with Weyoun-6, the new clone, only this one thinks the Dominion is dropping one serious bollock in going to War with the Federation. Not only is he defecting with strategic knowledge that could ensure Federation victory, but he also brings the news – confirmed in a brief, shrivel-faced appearance by the Female Changeling – that the Founders are ill, that in fact they are denying.

Weyoun-6 wants Odo to effectively take over and reform the Dominion.

Unfortunately, for everyone except Jeffrey Combs, who’s having fun doubling up, Weyoun-7 has also been activated and this one’s in the true loyalist mould, enough so that he’s prepared to send Jem’Hadar ships to attack and destroy Odo’s runabout, even if that means destroying Odo – a God, remember? – with it.

It’s all very low down and dirty and has to be kept secret, especially from the Female Changeling and the Jem’Hadar, and the only way out is for Weyoun-6 to sacrifice himself by voluntary termination, releasing Odo to go free.

So now the end game starts moving. I know a few more things that are yet to come, the tracks of which are implanted here, and these will become increasingly apparent over the final twenty episode. This was an episode which deserved a better response, but as I say, I’m flat today and unable to give it.


6 thoughts on “Deep Space Nine: s07 e06 – Treachery, Faith and the Great River

  1. Definitley one of those highly underrated episodes for me. The dual plots worked and the title works great for both parts. For me it struck the right balance of seriousness and humor. I consider this the “humorous” torture O’Brien episode…

  2. Unfortunately, my responses are often dictated by how I feel at the time, hence my inability to be greatly impressed. Hopefully, I’ll see it in a better light once the elements it is foreshadowing start to become more visible.

  3. Treachery, Faith, and the Great River is one of the best episodes of the series. Strong banter between Damar and Weyoun 7, a touching story between Odo and Weyoun 6, an amusing subplot with Nog and Chief O’Brien, and strong thematic links between the two stories. That’s how you make a great DS9 episode (I have a more positive view of the show than you). Not by ripping off Donnie Brasco or Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, but by tapping into DS9’s unique strengths as a television series and as a Star Trek show.

    1. In this case I’ve got to protest slightly: I suffer from depression which causes fluctuations in both mood and energy. This episode was unlucky enough to come up on a bad day. Though I do think several things about DS9 could have worked better under today’s conditions.

  4. I agree-it would be better with a modern update. You were frustrated by all of the loose ends and character beats and plot points that went nowhere. I think those would be cleaned up today-the war with the Dominion would never disappear entirely like it does in Seasons 6 and 7, the show would look beautiful in HD, and the character development and acting would both be improved. That being said, I still think DS9 managed to churn out a lot of great episodes-this one included. It’s got a chase through a Kuiper Belt and two Jeffrey Combs!

    1. Oh yes. One of the things about reviewing the older series is the constant need to balance out their ‘failings’ with the times in which they were made. A lot of DS9 was excellent, and not just in that context. On the other hand, I frequently found myself running counter to general Trek opinion, just because I’m awkward like that!

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