Treme: s02 e07 – Carnival Time

And so we come to a – the? – Mardi Gras episode on Treme, the city and the episode consumed by the famous annual event, the one thing this week’s episode was about, even as far away as New York, where Chef gave Janette the day off and she took one of her housemates to the restaurant for dinner.

In a way, this was a curiously cool episode, interested mostly in seeing ‘Fat Tuesday’ from all kinds of angles and letting the music and the carnival have the stage. In terms or arcs, little was done to take people in the directions they are going, minimal gestures reflecting lives overwhelmed by the moment. LaDonna stays at home, relaxing with a glass. Antoine’s plans to tour a succession of off-book ladies founder on his having to take the boys around.

Colson gets through a one-murder Mardi Gras, and that afterwards and elsewhere. Big Chief Albert leads the Indians with a massive detachment but nevertheless scores. One of Antoine’s band takes it on himself to get Sonny straight and moves him out oystering for the night.

Nelson gets pointed in the direction of the Zulus by Cuncilman Thomas, which further cements him among friends. He scores too, only a lot more explicitly.

Hawley’s invited Annie T to the cajun celebration. Davis has never missed Mardi Gras in his life and the selfish little bastard slithers away to do his own thing, but he redeems himself at the end. Toni and Sofia are going to sprinkle Crei’s ashes in the river, a moving ceremony, except that Sofia sidles off and goes drinking whilst Toni, after a tearful farewell, gets increasingly frantic. The little girl winds up getting drunk, getting hit on by someone a hell of a lot bigger and older in the same bar as Davis… and Annie gets back to find her asleep on the floor in a tartan bra, but that’s only because she threw up on her shirt whilst Davis was getting her home.

He didn’t even go hunting for her phone because he wasn’t putting his hand inside her jeans. Toni’s relief is palpable but it’s compounded by the misery of realising Sofia knows her Dad killed himself, and there’s a lot of helping needs doing.

Carnival Time. But interludes are only interludes, and aftermaths still come.

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