Fenella Fielding RIP

A long time ago, when sex used to be more subtle, there was no sexier figure in British films and TV than Fenella Fielding. She was gorgeous, she acted seductive and that husky voice was the epitome of sexuality. She was the formative image of more than one generation.

And she was a talented actress, whose real range and gifts were represented by her stage career, rather than film and television, which saw (and heard, and felt) only one aspect of her.  Carry On films and Doctor films were enlivened by her presence (and the underlying impression, in those who weren’t completely overwhelmed, that she knew exactly how absurd she was being and was very deftly overplaying it in the slightest degree).

Her glory days were long ago, but Ms Fielding worked until incapacitated by a stroke last year, and now she’s died, aged 90. We won’t see her like again, largely because we don’t want her type any more, which diminishes us.

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