Something Immortal

Though I remember well the first few It’ll Be Alright on the Nights, before the really funny bloopers started to run thin, I hadn’t thought to mark the passing of Dennis Norden, at the age of 96. A very talented man, but not someone about whom I thought I had anything worth saying.

But reading his Obituary tonight, I found to my surprise that I have one immortal moment by which to celebrate Mr Norden’s life and humour. It comes from the 1964 film, Carry On Cleo, which was scripted by Talbot Rockall. It is a moment I have long since cherished as the second greatest pun of all time (the greatest one comes from Spike Milligan, and is in The Goon Show).

You know which one I mean, so flare your nostrils and in your best Kenneth Williams voice, repeat after me: “Infamy! ‘Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me.”

Written by Talbot Rockwell, yes. But stolen, with permission, from the radio script-writing team of Frank Muir and Dennis Norden.

Thank you, gentlemen.


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