We Have A Title

The second draft of The Wildly Overdue Wish-Fulfillment Sequel has been driving forward with some speed, to the point where I’m coming up on the final few chapters. So I had a word today with my boss who did the cover for Love Goes To Building On Sand, and did such a bloody good job of it too, to see if he was willing and ready to do me another cover. He’d be delighted.

Of course, the damn thing needs a title, which is always the worst part of the process. So I gave it a dose of serious thinking.

LGTBOS came about through the misremembering of a Talking Heads song-title. So, as this is a direct sequel, is there anything to be had from returning to that well? ‘Once in a Lifetime’ could easily become Once in a Lovetime and be faithful to the theme of this story, but on the other hand that title suffers from being cheap and nasty, and probably containing trace elements of sleazy to boot.

Or Road to Somewhere might serve, or possibly Road to Everywhere but the problem with that is that it’s much too generic. I am crap at titles, but when I finally hear the right one, I know it. And trying to put together something along the lines of Burning Down The Whatever just wasn’t going to cut it.

So I am juggling around these ideas whilst I’m letting YouTube autoprogress. Wherever I start from, within six tracks maximum I always get ‘All Along The Watchtower’ which I never object to, but this time I wasn’t in the mood to follow with Cream’s ‘White Room’, so I looked at the alternatives and sort-of what-the-heyed into ‘Once in a Lifetime’. and whooped.

I have a title.


Maybe with three dots after it, maybe not. But once I know, I know.

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