The Last Series

The twelfth and final series of The Big Bang Theory actually started a week ago, though I didn’t find out about it until Saturday, by when there were already two episodes to download. The odd thing was, I didn’t watch the second of these until tonight.

It wasn’t that I’d found the first episode unfunny in any way. On the contrary, I laughed as much as I always do. And episode 2 was equally as funny. Call me uncritical if you will, but I’ve never found a comedy so well-attuned to what I think of as funny, and which has stayed so so long.

But usually I watch as soon as I’ve downloaded. That, however, was when The Big Bang Theory was going on forever, and there would always be more. Now there’s a finite number. Only twenty-two more. And I don’t want to catch up with the last one. Not watching means that some of the immortality survives, that there’s still always more.

How completely silly.

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