Gone Walkabout

Anoother good man has left this steadily diminishing planet: cinematographer and Film Director Nic Roeg has died aged 90.

I was never an all-out fan of Roeg, to the extent that I would go to see a film simply because he had directed it, but two of his most acclaimed films, one of them his first commercial success and one of the two earliest adult films I remember going to see, have been part of my Film 2018 Sunday morning series. That success was the astonishingly scary Don’t Look Now, and the other in my collection was the now-acclaimed but then loss-making Walkabout.

I also remember going to see his directorial debut, Performance, the Mick Jagger vehicle, in a late night Saturday night Manchester City Centre showing, starting riund about midnight, and not having any idea of what was going on at all. Perhaps it’s time to collect it on DVD and see if I get it now.

Either way, Roeg was a genius, too clever for the mass audience. We are better for having had him for so long as we did. May his influence last even longer.

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