Uncomfortable Bedfellows

For many years, my growing discomfort with the Guardian has been down to the increasing number of right-wing commentators it has given a home to.

One of these has been Matthew d’Ancona, a former speechwriter for David Cameron. What place does someone like him have in a supposedly left-of-centre liberal newspaper? The likes of him play a part in my decision, some months ago, to stop buying a newspaper I had been taking every day for thirty-seven years.

So I hate having to agree with d’Ancona, whose column for this Monday coming is now available on-line.

But I do have to quote this paragraph, with 100% agreement:

‘So often one hears that the British people “were not consulted” about immigration levels. To which the answer is: oh yes you damn well were. Every time you insisted on a properly staffed NHS, on social care that was halfway decent, on a service economy that worked, on affordable decorators, on your Tesco and Amazon deliveries arriving on time. Each time you took that landscape for granted, you were complicit in the immigration policy that preceded the Brexit vote.’

Frankly, that is nail-on-head time. I wish someone on the left could have said that so clearly.


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