This Time Next Tuesday

Deep Space Nine Tuesday is over, after three years and three months. Long before I got anywhere near the end, I swore to myself I would never do anything that long again. But the ritual lingers, and I decided I would need a new Tuesday morning subject.

As of next week, welcome to Person of Interest Tuesday.

Person of Interest, for those who don’t know it, was a near future SF oriented series that began as an apparent procedural, whilst building up a show mythos of great interest. It was created and executive produced by Jonathan Nolan, brother of film director Christopher, and starred Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel.

There are three advantages to PoI. The first is that I have already watched the full run twice and am alive to its nuances. The second that it is a contemporary series, having concluded its run only in 2017, so there’ll be none of my complaints about steps the series failed to take. And lastly, it is shorter. PoI ran for five seasons, the last a 13 episode grace season, to enable the overarching story to be completed. That makes a total of 103 episodes, so we should be out of here in just under two years, and I won’t have to think of something to do on Tuesday morning until the back end of 2020. Sounds like a plan to me.

Join me next Tuesday morning for the Pilot episode.

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