Peter Tork R.I.P.

Oh dear, this is happening again.

I didn’t get to watch The Monkees when I was a kid, so I saw the shows when they were being repeated years later, and I was in to more serious and worthy bands. I found the antics comic, up to a point, and some of the music attracted me, mainly Mike Nesmith’s stuff.

But I never lost my appreciation for the well-made, well-played pop song, and I don’t care about anyone else’s opinion any more, and about eighteen months ago I bought The Monkees’ contribution to the Original Album Series, the first five albums on unadorned CDs, but glory be they’re the extended versions, with demos and alternate arrangements.

Peter Tork was the dummy onscreen, the bass player and, according to a recent piece I read on the Monkees, was the best musician in the band, or at least a better guitarist than Nesmith. But he was the other one who pushed to be allowed to play on their own records, and to choose their own music.

It needed all four Monkees to be Monkees and it wouldn’t have been the same without any one of them. It isn’t going to be the same without this one now.


4 thoughts on “Peter Tork R.I.P.

  1. As a 13 year old when the Monkees first hit the scene with their TV show, I loved the happy tone of their music, and the programme itself. R.I.P. Peter Tork

  2. Happy memories of watching the Monkees as a kid. I was a big Beatles fan and had seen Hard Day’s Night and Help several times so I kind of knew it was a parody, but it still worked. Good chemistry and great tunes. Still never seen Head, which is something I really should put right.

  3. I’ve heard a couple of tracks from Head and they’re so un-Monkee-like, I have no pressing urge to see the film, especially how much it was panned. I’ll stick with what turned out to be, in the circumstances, unreasonably fine music.

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