Saturday SkandiKrime: Trapped 2 – episode 3

In which, or so it feels, not a lot happens. And who cares?

Trapped is still following the Scandinavian template of using the first half of the series to build up questions before easing into answering them. We should not, at this stage, be expecting too much by way of resolution. But the third episode was built very much upon maintaining a shroud of screcy in respect of what has already been set up, without adding more layers of mystification.

We left Mayor Hafdis arriving home at the end of episode 2 to find red paint slogans daubed all over the house and garage, words – Traitor You Will Pay – apparently dictated by the runaway idiot Skuli. Hafdis has no intention of reacting to these, except for painting them over, nor reporting them to thePolice any time soon. It’s supposed to be about denying idiots the oxygen of publicity, or so she says to her mayoral rival Kolbrun, who promptly sneaks a cameraphone photo or two and shops her to the Press, who are getting nothing out of Andri or Hinrika.

Skuli stays on the run throughout most of the episode, deep in mountains and high valleys, lakes leading to spectacular downfalls, secnery that, despite the absence of snow, drags me towards the screen to revel in it. He’s knifed a dog to death, his Dad, declaring everything to be political like a low-rent Tommy Robinson, is out on his quadbike, hunting for him, brother Torfi’s clearly uncomfortable at having a Muslim lawyer foisted upon him but accepts his advice to deny everything and say nothing. But Skuli’s found, in a bad way, sick and vomiting and foaming at the mouth, and on his way to Reykjavik hospital.

But some developments have taken place. Halla, the burnt Minister, is out of quarantine and will live. But she won’t be fit for the signing session tomorrow, so the Prime Minister’s heading north to take her place with Hafdis and the Man from American Aluminium (surely, if they’re American, it would be Aluminum?)

And Aron reckons Torfi and Skuli were having their strings pulled by a woman.

And Torfi lets slip that something’s going to happen today. Andri’s afraid of an attack on the smelting plant, where the foreign workers can handle themselves and are looking forward to doing so. Then he’s afraid of a bomb attack on the Prime Minister. But instead it’s Hafdis again, kidnapped off the street, driving home. Is that is? Is that what’s planned? Or do we as yet not know anything? I’m betting we don’t.

More from episode 4 later.



4 thoughts on “Saturday SkandiKrime: Trapped 2 – episode 3

  1. The Killing, The Bridge, Trapped, 1864, Below the Surface: the Great Ones. Follow the Money, Black Lake, Modus: the Crap Ones. Everything else: in between.

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