Saturday SkandiKrime: Trapped 2 – episode 4.

I wanna be there…

Too fast, too soon…

So far, Trapped 2 has set itself up as being the doings of a mysterious, racist, far right group, Hammer of Thor, opposed to anything that is not Icelandic, but especially the Muslims. Halla the Minister, opening the door for a Muslim company to invest in the smelting plant, burned badly by her own twin brother. Hafdis the Mayor, who will sign the Letter of Intent, only she won’t if he’s been kidnapped, and put under threat of death.

And then in one episode, not even halfway yet, Hammer of Thor’s leader is identified as Hanna Stine, the hairdresser and all round fanatic, Hafdis is recused and the movement uprooted, two arrested, one shot dead. If only it were so easy to get rid of the bastards in real life.

The one who got killed committed suicide by Police, so stupid that he thinks he can avoid being taken back to gaol for abducting Mayor Hafdis by shooting her dead in front of half a task force of Police. And Hanna, after racing home to clear the decks of all incriminating fascist literature so that she can brazen it out in front of Andri, gives herself away by going on a rant that morphs from nationalism to anti-Muslim in no time flat.

I wish they were that stupid in real life, or that maybe our Police might put some effort into actually locking them up.

But that’s not that, after all, and we know it isn’t. There’s evidence gathered from the egregious Hanna to give the brothrrs Ketillsson an unbreakable alibi: they didn’t kill Finnur, and whoever did tried to frame them.

And there’s a more sinister and personal matter. Aron decides to bunk off school today, and of courseThorhildur decides to join him with barely a nanosecond’s thought. This idiot pair of malcontents, with their evenly balanced shoulders of matching chips, already piss me off mightily, especially for their aassumption that they’re the only ones around with any brains, when the reverse is true. Aron boasts of continually stealing cars and how the oonly way to stop him was to buy him one of his own, oh, har har. They head off to Finnur’s farm, cut the Police seal, have a screwing session and look for strong liquor. Aron finds it, and millions of rolled-up rolls of Euros.

Finders keepers, they decide, since everbody else on Iceland is stupid. Not as stupid as Thorhildur, who finds a mobile phone in the bag with the money (it’s the same Nokia I have: I’m accidentally cool). She also finds a series of text messages. Being far more clever than anyone else, she replies “Hi.”

And gets a response: “Aren’t you supposed to be dead?”

Oh, there’s more coming, much more. This has only been the overture.

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