Very Collected Thoughts: Avengers – Endgame

I’ve been avoiding spoilers for this film practically from the moment that Avengers: Infinity War ended its last post-credits scene. No news items, no casting decisions, no set photos, no trailers, not even any fan-theories. I went into that cinema this afternoon as unaware as if I had spent the entire time blindfolded and with cotton wool superglued into my ears.

So I’m not going to start giving away spoilers to anyone who hasn’t yet seen this film. Except for this.

There ain’t one damned thing wrong with it.

2 thoughts on “Very Collected Thoughts: Avengers – Endgame

  1. I wish I would have done a little better. I started getting restless and started watching a lot of fan theory vidoes on YouTube the past couple of months, so I got overloaded with all sorts of ideas. But even then there were still loads of surprises…

    My initial thoughts are, Infinity War is the better film, but Endgame is the better experience. Especially to comic and MCU fans. It’s so much on the emotional and the long-term build ups.

  2. Well, in my later years I find I’ve developed an iron will about such things: the pure, unspoiled experience is worth it. I’m still not really up to assessing Endgame critically but of all the MCEU films I’ve seen in thr cinema, this was the most complete for me.

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