The Last *Last* Eagle

About two years ago, I celebrated buying the last issue of the classic Eagle comic that I needed to build the collection I had long dreamed of. And how it was incomplete, missing the centre sheet.

When I set out to read Eagle in chronological order, I also started a list of those that were imcomplete, or badly damaged, or in just too poor a condition. There were about two dozen or slightly more of them.

Today, I have replaced the last of them, ironically from the same seller as last time. Volume 11, no. 1, whole, intact, complete. As is my collection.

What am I going to do now?

2 thoughts on “The Last *Last* Eagle

  1. From jakenelsonauthor:

    Well done. I sort of, know the feeling! You don’t mean you’ve got the entire 20 year run though, do you?

    As to what to do now, you can bask in the grand achievement, until in ‘X’ number of years, you have the pleasure of reading them all again. I envy you–the ‘Eagle’ can stand comparison with any work of literature IMHO.


    1. Hi Jake

      Not quite. I go from no. 1 to Vol 18 no. 1. After that, Dan Dare went into reprint and, despite the continuing presence of Frank Humphris on Blackbow, there was nothing after that worth reading (would you want any more Cornelius Dimworthy’s than you absolutely *had* to have?). Nor has the four-part Eric Kincaid serial ever tempted me to look out those issues.

      I don’t know how comprehensive the various Eagle DVDs you can get through eBay may be, but they would make a far cheaper and quicker way of collecting the series. I just had this desire to have a complete physical run…

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