Not-Crap Journalism

I’d like to highlight a comment in the Guardian to this piece by Gaby Hinsliff (a mostly sane and intelligent writer with far fewer chips than most Guardian writers and immeasurably fewer idiotic attitudes).

Among the comments is this from Tim Neal, rightly highlighted as a Pick:

“my partner and sole mate of 32 years recently said to be that time is waging war on her. I simply told her that time has not changed her one bit. She is and will always be the woman I meet and feel in love with .

Real beauty is what’s under the skin and wrinkles of time.

besides, I’ve also had 32 years and she still looks at me every morning and night like she did on the very first day we meet.

And I hope that continues to the end of my days”

Mate, good on you, good for you, and good on and for her too. Here’s to another 32 like that.

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