Smarter than *which* average bear?

Being stuck at home with a sore throat that makes talking painful, I’m having to fill my time in unexpected ways, currently by browsing the Guardian Crossword Blog.

Go down to the section where reader’s clues for the word Posh are features, and focus upon that of TonyCollman: “Smarter-than-the-average bear gets a little bit of something for nothing”.

Now I’m not knocking Mr Collman, who may be too young to recognise the mistake he’s made but it’s a disappointing flub in a section of the paper devoted to words and wordplay that the Guardian haven’t spotted it. Winnie the Pooh was ‘a bear of very little brain’ as anyone who knows A.A. Milne will tell you.

The bear who was ‘Smarter than the average bear (BooBoo)’ was Hannah Barbera’s Yogi Bear.

And they ask us to pay money for this.

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