17 thoughts on “Uncollected Thoughts: Watchmen: s01 e01

  1. This show….is incredible. The latest episode left me speechless. This is a better adaptation of Watchmen than I could have ever hoped for-the creators clearly *get* the source material, and it shows.

    Really want to see The Leftovers now. I’ve been planning to watch it for a while now.

    1. Well, I know expectations can hamper one’s enjoyment of things, so I’m not going to puff this up any more than I already have. Suffice it to say, I’m curious as to what you think.

  2. Wow. This show actually inspired Oklahoma to introduce the Tulsa race massacre of 1921 into its curriculum. Pretty incredible. I can’t believe it took them that long, but this miniseries had a tangible positive impact on the world. And that’s amazing.

    1. The only other TV show I know of that had similar effects was a long ago cheap melodrama about the Holocaust that inspired a refusal to change German law to see a time-limit on prosecuting such crimes.

      1. Time-limit? That would be forgetting that the vast majority of them were let off the hook in post-war Germany, and most of the population wanted to forget it ever happened.

    1. Quite rich of them to put something like that into place. They already did plenty to let the SS off the hook………………..

      1. Glad they have, or so it seems. Despite the modern day far-right party being the second most popular party in Germany at the moment.

    1. Not in Ireland! The main right-wing parties took a beating in the most recent election. And Scandinavia has had center right governments for a while who are not far-right.

      Eastern Europe has long had problems with them–I guess 45 years of Russian authoritarianism rubs off.

      1. The Irish right-wing you speak of is akin to our Conservatives, not the far right who are increasing their influence. Russian authoritarianism didn’t get anywhere near enough time to lose its effect: Putin won’t give it a second chance.

      2. The USSR’s domination of Eastern Europe was criminal and cruel. It has contributed though, to the rise of fascist-adjacent movements that are dismantling the democracies founded in the early 90s.

        Russia itself had tens of millions of its own citizens murdered by Stalin and Hitler—and after the war it was still a police state. Yeltsin probably wasn’t a strong enough leader to help the country transition to a liberal democracy. So now it’s just an oligarchy, a crony state that doesn’t even have an ideology to justify itself. While the depression and alcoholism rates skyrocket among the Russian populace, the local governments steal all of the funds allocated to them. A complete mess. Maybe Russia can still make it, but Lenin and Stalin ensured that it will take a long, long time to get there.

    1. Sure. I would even say it’s not even doing that anymore. They’re interfering with the US and the West, not Eastern Europe. They’re reduced to interfering in our democracies for its own sake. They just…..want to.

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