We are being lied to

Generally, I avoid Political Posts, but comes a time when you can’t just let it slide.

Yesterday, at the Cenotaph, it was reported that Prime Minister Boris Johnson turned up with his hair unbrushed and his coat open and flapping. He stared around during the one minute silence whilst everyone else had their head bowed. He walked forward before he was due to do so and he presented a red wreath which he placed upside down.

Hardly respectful to those we choose to honour on that day. In the past, various Labour leaders have been sharply criticized, by the media en masse, for what has been deemed to be insufficient respect for this ceremony. I need hardly tell you there has been no such en masse criticism of Mr Johnson.

Once upon a time, the BBC was the envy of the world for its honesty and impartiality. Under Electorl Legislation, following the calling of a General Election, it is legally required to be neutral.

This morning, on BBC Breakfast News, coverage of the ceremony was shown. At the moment it fell to the Prime Minister to lay his wreath, the footagecut to Mr Johnson, his hair and apparel immaculate, place the wreath corrrectly at exactly the right moment, before cutting back to the rest of the ceremony. In this sequence, Mr Johnson was dressed differently from before and after, moved forward from a different place and carried a green wreath, instead of the red one in the other footage. This exactly placed footage came from the 2016 ceremony.

Why did the BBC conceal what happened and insert replacement footage of something three years before? If you listen to their explanation, it was a ‘production error’. Doesn’t everyone carry around with them news footage of old events and in error cut them into modern film shot less than twenty-four hours previously?

We are being lied to. We are the mushrooms in the old joke, because the BBC kept us in the dark in a General election campaign, and when such a blatant and shambolic trick was exposed, so disrespected their audience that they threw shit into our eyes.

Is this ‘error’ the only ‘error’ the BBC have made? You don’t have to be a cynic to answer that one when the crudity is blatant.

8 thoughts on “We are being lied to

  1. I’m with you on this, Martin, although I didn’t see the “Breakfast News” ‘production error’, having given up watching their morning crap some years ago….But I did see the brief clip of the political party leaders each laying a wreath, and the contrast struck me (not for the first time with Johnson) what a shambles he is. I don’t much like Corbyn – we’re more or less of age, but he somehow has mentally stayed in the 1960s – but he actually looked dignified. I’m also old enough to remember the hoo-haw the right-wing “Mail” and “Express” media made of poor old Michael Foot back when he was Labour leader. Our Liberal lady too look smart and poised, she carried herself well. The SNP man wore a kilt – well good luck to him. Good thing it wasn’t windy. But there’s our pathetic ‘micro-mini Churchill’ looking like he’s still head of the University Student Union, wearing his dad’s old coat that’s too big for him….
    Again contrast him (as the other month when they shared a podium together) and the Irish Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, in Northern Ireland – again he was dignified, statesman-like, another young progressive leader, like Jacinda Ardern in NZ. What a contrast!

    I’m utterly shocked, but not surprised, about the BBC, however….They are running scared of this new brand of Brexit Party Tories. Both in March and again in October, they barely gave the anti-Brexit million-person march more than five fleeting minutes before repeating something from Hong Kong or Africa or Syria – anything than show that huge numbers came out, and again peaceful and dignified and from all over, all parties, ages, creed and colour and class. I take “The New European” weekly and Tim Walker (“Mandrake”, ex- of the Telegraph) now writes for them. He constantly points out how the BBC prefer to only get Brexit supporters (Farage in particular)on their affairs programs, but not people like Gina Miller or Campbell, or even Walker. Their trick is to invite then, then at the last minute cancel and say they have someone else – often from the Tory ranks. Apparently this has happened time and time over.

    But the Johnson thing really is the pits. Pure Ministry of Truth! Somebody really ought to be calling them out big-time on that! I know TNE will, come this Thursday! They frequently do a page on our lying newspaper coverage, plus another page devoted to the latest fibs or stupid commenst from the Brexit lot. You’re right. This is BLATANT LYING from a once respected national TV network. If Sky News did it, no one would be surprised, although actually I read both BBC and Sky News web pages and find the Sky journalists are much more critical and objective, where the BBC people – well, we see from the “Trump is a racist” incident a while back now! They are frightened to express views.


    But they will, and because the bulk of the media are no better.

  2. Everything you say I agree with whole-heartedly, except about Corbyn generally. I won’t challenge you on that, you’re clearly not one ofthose who gets everything through the mainstream media etc.

    To be honest, I resent having to us the title Prime Minister about Johnson. He wasn’t elected, he’s blatantly incompetent and a serial liar and i genuinely have problems about thinking of him as Prime Minister. Little did I think, in 2016, that not only will the history books not now show him as the worst Prime minister everbut he won’t even be second bottom.

    But I have grown long since cynical about the BBC. Peopleclaim they must be doing something right since the right wingers complain about them too, but the right wingers aren’t complaining about lies, manipulation, distortion and omission so much as not being right wing enough. They are a propaganda machine, but they don’t merely report propaganda, they manufacture it as well.

    The BBC has folded, and is now irredeemable: it has gone beyond the Augean Stable in that not eveen a flood could sweep away its stench. From being a lifelong BBC supporter, I have shifted to a position of where I would vote for its abolition.

    There is no truth in the BBC any more, and none in the minstream press. Even the Guardian, which I read from 1981 to 2017, has no truth in it. And when I hear about the harrassment of people who merely disagree with the press line, I suspect that there is no longer enough truth in this country.

  3. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but this does stink doesn’t it? I believe at least one of the tabloids (not sure which) criticised Corbyn for not bowing low enough.

  4. “There is no truth in the BBC any more, and none in the mainstream press”

    A view one sees often on Twitter but not worthy of your fine blog, Martin.

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