F***ing Ba****rd T*ries

Earlier today, a Tory candidate for Parliament claimed that cancer patients don’t mind the longer NHS waiting times because survival rates are going up.

As the son of parents who both died of cancer, I take that personally. I want to find the dirtiest, scummiest toilet, full of piss and shit and vomit and screw this bastard face down into it until he chokes.

And I’m sorry to have to say this, but if any of you out there reading this blog are going to vote Tory on Thursday, then you can fuck off out of it too, I don’t want you coming anywhere near this blog again. Tories are not human beings, full stop.

6 thoughts on “F***ing Ba****rd T*ries

  1. The word “evil” is often overused, but increasingly I’ve come to regard the Tory Brexit gang – the awful Rees-Mogg, Johnson, Gove, that twat Mark Francois, cheerleaders like Dacre, anyone who writes for the “Daily Express” – as not just arrogant, ignorant and stupid, but YES, what they want to do to Britain, to the EU citizens living here, to ordinary people and our NHS, it really is EVIL. They and the UKIP/Brexit mob are of the same irk who wanted to sell us out to Hitler in the 1930s. They even have the same awful newspaper, the “Mail”, cheering them on, as it did then.

    Do I pity any Tory underling who knocks on your door tomorrow asking can they expect your vote? No, maybe not!

  2. No-one’s knocked here at all, it’s all been leaflets. Besdides, Denton and Reddish is so Labour, you could put up a goat wearing a red ribbon and it’s get in.

    The worst I’ve ever extended to at the door is shutting it in the face of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I won’t restrain myself if I get a campaigner.

  3. Watching the election from the US, I am terrified of a Tory victory. Here, both Republicans and centrist Democrat use the “dysfunction” of the NHS (which anyone with any sense knows comes from Tory austerity cutbacks, if not actually a deliberate attempt to undermine public support for it so that they can privatize it for ideological reasons) to “prove” that government health care can’t be afforded here. I think the Tories would actually sell it off, causing those people in the US to say that “proved their point”. Before austerity, the NHS was always held up as an example that socialized medicine can work. It CAN work, if it isn’t starved to death, but that’s not the conclusion many politicians in the US would come to.

  4. Seriously, for your next trick you label your political opponents untermenschen; not even human beings? It might be forgiveable if Labour was made up of the good guys, but at this election you asked us to make an anti-British, anti-semitic, terrorist-supporting Marxist Prime Minister and then had the gall to try to take the moral high ground about it. Just remember it is you who are lower than vermin; you who are scum. If you had any decency you would have shame, and if you had any shame at all you would hang yourselves.

    1. I’m approving your comment because it says everything that needs to be said about you and the party you support. Seriously, thanks for reminding us what you are and why we’re all in the shit.

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