(Don’t watch)The Watch

Back in the early Nineties, the BBC did a five-part adaptation of Alan Plater’s fifth and final novel, Oliver’s Travels. I have long since regarded it as the most perfectly miscast series in broadcasting history. Absolutely everybody, down to the least walk-on part, was wrong. It was sort of a miracle in that respect.

Today, I’ve seen the first photos and information released about the forthcoming BBC America eight-part series, The Watch, ‘inspired’ by Terry Pratchett’s City Watch books.

Oliver’s Travels no longer stands alone.

2 thoughts on “(Don’t watch)The Watch

    1. If they do it won’t work. I’ve seen this before, when something that work’s brilliantly is ‘improved upon’ by some sub-talent that can’t resist overwriting thevoriginal. Read my ‘An Inspector Calls – but needn’t have’ blog for a more expansive investigation of the idea –

      I intend to watch and blog it, mind you. The knives will run red indeed.

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