No Thoughts: Birds of Prey (etc.)

I went to the cinema this afternoon to see Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn) expecting to come back and write one of my ‘Uncollected Thoughts’ about it. But I won’t. Don’t go to this film expecting a stiory because it deliberately rejects the idea of story, preferring to racket around in explosions and slow-motion violence that is colourful and cartoony Two of its pricipal five characters bear little or no resemblance to their comic book originals and the film drops a considerable number of F-Bombs and MotherF-Bombs (there’s one of the latter on the soundtrack). Sure, it’s vigorous, and you can liberally scatter the Z-word all over it (zany, you numbskulls) and a lot of people will enjoy its complete rejection of conventional story-telling. I’m not telling you too not go to see it, just to not blame me if you do.

You should stare at the poster for 150 minutes instead

5 thoughts on “No Thoughts: Birds of Prey (etc.)

  1. But would you recommend it to the “leader of the free world” to watch and enjoy in preference to a South Korean movie in which the sub-titles have words of more than one syllable?

    Is it as good as “Gone with the Wind”?

  2. I can only comment on what I’ve seen and I haven’t watched either of these. Trump wouldn’t like this either, the ladies are all too…stream-lined.

  3. I might go see it. I suspect your description is apt, and it doesn’t necessarily turn me off of a movie if that zaniness is carried off with a certain elan. I don’t get out much, and if I’m able to talk my wife into taking time away from work to see a movie, it won’t be this because she has more demanding taste. It’ll be Parasite, which I want to see anyway, but I’d rather share with her since she’s South Korean. And she does want to see it. If we both overcome inertia at the same time, it’ll be Parasite. If I’m able to overcome inertia and she isn’t, it’ll be Birds of Prey. I’d go see Parasite by myself, but I’d just enjoy it more sharing it with her.

    1. If you do go to this, I’d be interested in your respone. I’m not averse to zany, or madcap, or absurdist (have you ever heard the british radio comedy The Goon Show?) but this came over as being too self-consciously zany, a we’ll-be-consistently-zany-even-if-it-kills-us kind of thing. Or have fun with Parasite .

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