Crap Journalism: it’s the idiot Heritage again

Crap journalism is an irregular series where I take various Guardian features to task. A high poportion of these are by Stuart Heritage. So’s this one.

Apparently, the former Meghan Markle wants to go back to acting with a big role in a superhero movie, leading Heritage to suggest various superheroines she might portray. The third option is Big Barda, of the New Gods. Heritage lifts the Wikipedia introdction to the character, before suggesting that Barda was created by ‘someone who wasn’t very good at thinking up characters’.

Big Barda was created by Jack Kirby, who created or co-created practically the whole Marvel Universe, who created Captain America, who created whole genres of comics, not just characters, who was, in short, the most prolific creation-machine there has ever been in comics.

Stuart Heritage is a stupid tw*t who can’t even do a second’s research when he thinks he’s being funny.

2 thoughts on “Crap Journalism: it’s the idiot Heritage again

  1. While I’m certainly not ill-informed enough to deny Stan Lee’s influence and popularity, I was not a fan of his writing. His dialog and asides to the reader were like fingernails on a blackboard. So, I mostly read DC. When Kirby switched to DC and launched the Fourth World, I FAR preferred his characters and his writing to what he and Lee had produced. He achieved the mythic feel that Lee, who always struck me as talking down to his audience, aimed and and usually missed. At least for me, and I understand that I’m in the minority.

    1. I was always (and still am) DC-oriented, though in my case it was down to growing up in a part of Manchester where there were only DC comics to read. By the time I saw any Marvelsm I found them to be too frantic and hysterical for my liking, which was down to Stan Le’s hucksterism. I share your minority.

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