Bill Withers: Ain’t No Sunshine

They’re talking about him in the context of ‘Lean on Me’, his only British hit and a fine song, but Bill Withers, who has left us aged 81, also wrote ‘Ain’t no Sunshine’, which gave Michael Jackson one of his earliest hit singles over here, but his original was infinitely superior (not that Jackson’s fans will ever agree).

But Withers was a veteran, with a deep voice and one in which a wealth of experience lay, audible in every syllable. Jackson sung a song, but Withers felt it, in every dark second of the loss it portrayed.

By one more degree we who are left move deeper into that dark for which there is no sunshine.

4 thoughts on “Bill Withers: Ain’t No Sunshine

    1. Yes, and twice over. Just goes to show that even instant responses should be checked. In my (non-existent) defence, my mind always go back to Withers’ first appearance, in 1972, and to those early songs, including ‘Kissing my Love’ and ‘Grandma’s hands’. Ah me.

      1. I knew Michael Jackson’s version of “Aint no Sunshine” but didn’t know who wrote it, but knew it was a great song. I discovered Bill Withers when “Lovely Day” was released, so a special song for me, – and Radcliffe and Maconie had just played it a short while before I read you post! And you’re right – Michael Jackson’s version of “Ain’t no Sunshine” isn’t a patch on the original

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