Re-Blog: Nathan Anderson, from Facebook

I agree with every word, but he says it better than I could.

Before you start blaming individuals who in your own opinion are not obeying the rules have a read of this…

As this crisis deepens and the death toll mounts, a narrative is going to emerge that will be very seductive to many of us. It will all be the fault of “the people.”
The people who failed to practice social distancing. The people who hoarded. The people who didn’t listen to the government. The people who didn’t listen to the science. The people. Those selfish people. Look at them in their parks. The government will start trotting this out. Right wing media will push it hard. Police forces have already begun assigning blame to “the people”.
Many of us will feel the tug of this seductive reasoning. Our brains will be tempted to lash out at “the people.”
When we do, we must remember some things: –
The government had 3 months to prepare. This was a train coming down the tracks. At first we were told the plan was herd immunity. Then it wasn’t.
As the first few people started to die, Boris Johnson boasting of shaking the hands of hospitalised coronavirus patients. This was a week before the lockdown.
Why weren’t we in lockdown like other European countries, some asked. Trust us, they said.
Then we got the lockdown order. What did they say? The initial government advice was only “essential workers could travel to work”. A day later this was changed to “essential travel for work.” See the difference?
They told us to practice social distancing as MPs crowded around each other in the House of Commons.
They said only the old and immuno-comprised were at risk. Then healthy twenty-somethings started dying.
They said the NHS could cope, then they started building field hospitals in stadiums.
They said the NHS had the protective equipment it needed, then we logged on to social media.
They said we were in it together, then they got tested before the front-line workers.
They said there was no such thing as society and it was survival of the fittest, then said we needed to show solidarity.
They clapped when they voted against a pay-rise for NHS nurses in 2017, then they clapped for the NHS.
They spent a decade telling us cuts were needed to save the economy, then they said the only way to save the economy was to spend trillions.
They spent a decade insisting £94 was enough to live on, then admitted it wasn’t. – They got us to vote for Brexit by rubbishing “experts,” then told us to trust experts.
They told us retail workers were low skilled, then said they were key workers.
They said homelessness was sad but inevitable, then they order it ended overnight.
So yes, “the people” ended up a little fucking confused. Because our so-called leaders have utterly failed to lead. They don’t know what they stand for; they couldn’t believe the world could change so quickly; they resisted “alarmist” when the only proper response was to be alarmed; they had no idea how to use the power of the state, having spent a decade dismantling it; they were arrogant and complacent, wallowing in privilege.
The fundamental duty of government is to keep us safe. That’s what we pay them to do. They have failed.
As the death toll mounts, remember that our leaders are to blame, not “the people,” and we must resist the temptation to blame each other.

Author Nathan Williams

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4 thoughts on “Re-Blog: Nathan Anderson, from Facebook

  1. Thanks Martin, I also find it totally spot on, and have forwarded it to a few worthies. Whoever Nathan Anderson is, he should be standing for Parliament perhaps?

    Unlike you, I’m not building my guillotine yet, and I’m still (foolishly perhaps, I know!) hoping Johnson might have a “Damascus moment” towards the NHS, paying doctors and nurses and carers a decent wage rather than giving it to the bankers or his buddies Mr Dyson and Branson, and perhaps reflecting one of the key nurses was from Portugal – who Ms Patel’s Immigration Gestapo will want to deport if he hasn’t jumped through all the H.O. loops in filling his forms out to stay by July. No, I’m not that hopeful. But today’s disgusting front pages from the “Express” and “Sun” with their Johnson “Messiah moment” at coming out of hospital – UGH! The man already thinks he is Churchill, now these people are encouraging us to think of him as the Second Coming of the Messiah. YAK! These awful Tory/Brexit-backing newspapers are definitely pushing me towards cheering on the guillotines, which I guess wasn’t quite their intention!

    I’m in that there-are-things-to-do-but-don’t-feel-in-the-right-mood-to-do-them sort of mood. Mentally restless, and a bit frustrated. Well, probably a lot frustrated. I believe the shopping wagon train is on the way to us this afternoon.

    1. I know what you mean. It’s an excellent piece, beautifully forensic. I just despair of it gettng the coverage it ought to get. To be effective, it needs to appear in the kind of pepers who won’t print it. I find the Guardian bad enough nowadays without reading anything of theirs that isn’t being quoted in outrage. As for today, I’m doing nothing. I’m sorting out tracks for a CD I mean to burn, I’m doing Third Draft revisions on the novel I finished in February, I’m going nowhere, doing nothing practical. Time enough for that tomorrow, back at work.

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