A Warning

For those who, like me, rely on to publish the books we write, this is a warning: don’t. In fact, fuck Lulu.

The site recently updated/upgraded itself. As a result, you can no longer create a book that you can see through their website. You can either create one for yourself only, or you have to go the whole hog and purchase ISBN codes, which are bloody expensive.

Nor can you upload to convert a Word File, you have to create a PDF and upload that.

If there are other changes discriminating against the kind of writer I am, who isn’t trying to make any money out of his writing because, to be honest, I know my appeal is too limited, I don’t know because at that point I closed it down, and I won’t go anywhere near the site again.

Does anyone know any other decent online publishing site that still caters for the limited talents among us?

16 thoughts on “ A Warning

  1. Hi Martin,

    This might be that I’ve misunderstood your particular needs, but David Morrison at Publishnation is very efficient and helpful. I used them to self-publish a novel a while ago. I was very pleased what they did for me at an economical cost.

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    1. Thanks for the tip, Jake, and I’ll look into that. The benefit of Lulu for me was that I could do everything myself, at no cost but the physical book at the end. I don’t make anything out of sales, but that’s not the point. I write because I have to and because I’d go crackers if I couldn’t, and to have a physical book at the end of it is brilliant. I’m not sure where the line should be drawn on how much I’d spend for what is basically a self-indulgence.

    1. I can believe it. As I said to Jake, I don’t do this for the money. At the moment, I can’t upload a revised text for my newest novel, nor can I have it as anything but private to me only without letting myself in for costs out off all proportion to the (non-existant) return.

  2. I would like to suggest you to get to the former Lulu-Forum (it get independent on January 1st this year). There you find some authors using lulu and others. Ask the question there and you will get hinest answers. A lot of authors there use(d) lulu among others, so they can share their experience with you.

  3. I created my account with LULU over a year ago to sell my book the Devil Becomes you. I spent money on google ad campaigns etc only to find that LULU had taken money out of my account. After querying this with them they gave me some rubbish about how they had changed their services but did not explain where the money had disappeared to.
    They are a rip off and its a useless service, will be going elsewhere.

    1. I’ve had no trouble previously in over a decade but then I don’t ask them to do stuff I have to pay for. I’m hoping the site may settle down ab]nd I can still use it for my purposes but I haven’t looked since this post. When my week off in July starts…

  4. I found your post after hearing from an author about Lulu’s troubles since upgrading their site. He said royalties are missing from author accounts as well. At BookLocker, we have a $78 DIY program. That includes assignment of a BookLocker ISBN, barcode, the printed proof for you to check/approve, etc. 🙂

    1. Thanks Angela. Due to personal circumstances during the current pandemic, I do not have the time or energy to go into a massive upheaval. Booklocker was recommended to me when I first posted this screed of anger and when I can devote enough time to this side of things, I willinestigate the options available to me. Regards, Martin.

      1. Hi Martin,

        I understand. Things are NUTS right now – the world has turned upside down. What scares me is that it’s starting to feel “normal.” 😦

        I’ll be here for you if/when you need me. 🙂


  5. Yes, those were really annoying months this summer. Some authors saved the old Lulu forum at the last minute. Now it is (since the beginning of the year) independent. It has developed into a lively and professional place for exchanging experiences and mutual help. Concerning Lulu and alternatives. There is a whole section where other POD providers are listed and discussed:

    Depending on what you write, how you’ve done your books so far, what your requirements are, one or the other or even the new Lulu (despite all the trouble in the last few months) is suitable. I would register there. It costs nothing, but you will find support. There are other authors with a lot of experience who write there.

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