To all of us at work today…

I can’t say this any better.

Today we remember the tragedy of the Manchester Arena bombing, the event that touched many of us and as we reflect on 3 years now passed, we are a society that have never been stronger and closer. We are flying the Manchester Bees on the windows of the office today to show solidarity with those who were most affected.

We will never forget watching the news on this night or waking up to the news the next day.
We will never forget those who lost their lives and those injured.
We will always remember the resilience we learned and the strength, as a city , we showed.
We are proud to be from Manchester. We hope there will always be one last time and we will never look back in anger.
Bee strong our kid 

Alison Howe

Eilidh MacLeod

Elaine McIver

Georgine Callender

Jane Tweddle

John Atkinson

Chloe Rutherford

Liam Kelly

Lisa Lees

Angelika Klis

Marcin Klis

Kelly Brewster

Megan Hurley

Michelle Kiss

Nell Jones

Oliva Campbell-Hardy

Saffie Rose Roussos

Wendy Farrell

Sorrell Leczkowski

Courtney Boyle

Philip Tron

Martyn Hett

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