David Squires on Jack Charlton

One day, soon maybe, I’ll talk about how and why the deaths of the people that I refer to on this blog affect me as they do.

I’ve already written about Jack Charlton, but this, with far fewer words, says much more than I ever could, especially in the last tier, and that last panel.

For those who don’t follow the Guardian, and who won’t otherwise see David Squires’ beautiful tribute.

2 thoughts on “David Squires on Jack Charlton

  1. Hi Martin

    I have very little interest in football, or any sport, so I wouldn’t have seen this if you hadn’t pointed it out. Jack Charlton doesn’t mean anything to me, other than as a name, but David Squires’ strip brought tears to my eyes. The panel where jack Charlton said “He’s my brother”, even to someone like me, the strip was so well done that I could feel the pride in his voice.

    Than you for directing me to something so beautiful.

    1. Squires is mostly satirical, and very funny with it, but when it comes to things like this, he can be almost supernaturally brilliant. The panel with Bobby, ‘my brother’ was live on TV after decades of estrangement between then,but it was the final panel, of the dog alone by the riverbank, that had me flowing. I’m glad you felt its poignancy.

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