Man of the World

One by one they wink out, those fabulous monuments to the  beauty and wonder we’ve had in our lives, lives that grow thinner and drier and darker each time.

If there is a Heaven then the perfect blues band’s line-up has gained a new lead guitarist and singer. Peter Green, co-founder and central light of the only Fleetwood Mac I’m prepared to acknowledge, has passed away aged 73, peacefully in his sleep, and the world is full of tears again.

What to play to remember him? I would choose not a Fleetwood’s track, not even any of the big hits of 1969-70, but a solo song from the other end of that decade. Spare seven and three quarter minutes to say goodbye to a genius. He deserves no less.


4 thoughts on “Man of the World

  1. Fantastic guitarist. Such feel. Such an ear. Such a shame he fried his brain and spent much of the seventies missing in action. So good he rediscovered his abilities. I don’t know much of his solo stuff. Will give this a good listen later. Thank you.

    1. Heard it on Annie Nightingale’s Sunday Request Show in 1979. Recorded it on a whim. Wasn’t into blues at all then. Thought it magnificent. Haven’t had a reason to change my mind one iota in 41 years.

      I wish, I wish, I wish this could be the last of these kind of posts I have to write but I know it won’t be.

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