The Sunday Watch

Originally, the Film 2018/9/20 series was a way of getting myself to watch all the film DVDs I owned, and so I have. It seems fitting that I should press on myself a similar exercise to continue this extremely pleasant Sunday routine.

I have several TV series in boxsets, things like Homicide – Life on the Street, Hill Street Blues, The West Wing, of course The Big Bang Theory. All of these were long-running affairs that, if treated like Person of Interest, would take years for me to work through.

The fun of the Film series was that it gave me something different every week. And with two weekly TV series slots already, and successor series ready to take up those times when they become available, I’m not anxious to commit myself to a third long-term trawl.

But I don’t just have long-run box sets. There are series buried in storage crates that didn’t run that long, manageable programmes that I love. Now’s the time to dig these out and re-acquaint myself with them.

As these episodes don’t add up to the length of a film, I’m planning to watch more than one: two at a time, say, for drama series, three for sitcoms.

I hope we can continue to enjoy Sunday mornings for a while yet.

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