The Lord of the Rings – Amazon-style


Up until now we’ve had nothing but speculations, overwhelmingly concluding that it’s all going to be utter crap because, well, God forbid it might be interesting and leave us with nothing, as fans, to bitch and moan about. Now we’ve got an announcement.

And exactly as everyone predicted, it’s all going to be set in the First Age and feature Morgoth… Actually, you stupid fuckers, it’s going to be set in the Second Age and lead up to Sauron’s first defeat. Which hasn’t stopped people already predicting it’s going to be utter crap because there’s nothing like shooting your mouth off first instead of waiting to see it for yourself. And you should see how many of them are calling it an adaptation of The Silmarillion, which as anyone who really knows anything about Tolkien, was about the First Age, and Morgoth…

Me, I’m looking forward to it, assuming the country and the world survives until September this year. I promise you, if it actually is crap, I’ll call it out as being so. But I’m not clever like all those other people who know it’s crap, because I have to wait and see it for myself before I decide on such things.

8 thoughts on “The Lord of the Rings – Amazon-style

  1. Amazon Prime doesn’t have a good track record with me regarding its original series, other than with The Expanse, which they didn’t develop. Nevertheless, hope springs eternal and I am really looking forward to this. I am actually less cynical about this than I was before Peter Jackson’s Fellowship was released, and I adored that.

    1. We can only wait and see. If it is crap, I shall come down on it like the proverbial ton of bricks. But I’ll wait to see it before doing so. Here’s hoping: there’s a great deal of potential in this.

      1. Agreed. Most casual viewers don’t know how the Rings were made, even if they know the ultimate outcome. Done correctly, the show can still grip them with the details.

        I’m looking forward to seeing the fall of Numenor brought to the screen.

  2. It’ll take some time to get there, if they do it properly. I’m interested in the Istari – if they’re following Tolkien’s later thinking, we should have the Blue Wizards showing up…

    And how are you, Joe?

    1. The thing I’m wondering about is the time jumps. Jackson’s extended 11-12 hour trilogy covered less than a year. They’ve got 3400 years to cover. Will they be able to make that flow naturally? Maybe the Numenorians will help in that regard…

      Not bad! Could be a lot worse.

      1. We’ll just have to wait and see. They’re already filming season 2, here in the UK (we don’t have the mountains for it, though) and they’re going into this on the basis of multiple seasons. I’m doing my old thing and not only will I not be thinking about it, but I’ll try to avoid any but the most general of spoilers, so I can come to it as ‘virginal’ as is humanly possible. September…

  3. Did you see the trailer? If not, I’ll just say that my biggest worry that it was going to be generic high fantasy schlock wasn’t exactly assuaged. But as you said–it’s only fair to wait and see how it turns out.

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