Death of an Imagination: Jean-Claude Meziere R.I.P.

It is a bitter thing on a Monday morning to wake up and the first thing you discover is that another creator has gone out into the infinite unknown. Jean-Claude Meziere was the artist and co-creator of the tremendously popular and highly influential French SF series, Valerian and Laureline, that started in 1967 and only ended in 2010. It was bold, it was bright, it was a tour de force of visual imagination, from the multiple alien races to the cities and lands and environments Meziere conceived. Highly influential: you cannot imagine what Star Wars would look like if Meziere and his writing partner Pierre Christin had taken up carpentry instead.

And there were Val and Laureline themselves, and especially little Laureline, the almost perfect feisty heroine, no respecter of authority, no sufferer of fools, which very often included her good-hearted but conventional fellow Spatiotemporal Agent.

How did The Who put it? The Good’s Gone. Once again the horizons narrow and another tone of light is removed. How bitter for this to be the first news on a Monday morning.


2 thoughts on “Death of an Imagination: Jean-Claude Meziere R.I.P.

  1. Wikipedia has been updated, but I haven’t seen anything elsewhere, BBC, Sky, the newspapers…. They’re going on about some French fashion designer I’ve never heard of, and Meat Loaf. Intelligent, talented people don’t count in the 2022 world.

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