Crap Journalism?

Ok, so it’s the idiot Stuart Heritage again, but this time I’m not holding him up to despite or ridicule. He’s written a column about a Hollywood blogger who’s announced, from secret sources, that the Queen is Dead.

No, this is not a Morrisey/Smith revival, the guy is claiming the Queen Elizabeth II, monarch of England throughout my whole lifetime, who is 95 and who has been officially announced as contracting COVID19, has actually passed away, and that the long-awaited news and the careful plans about the disclosure of the same, will now be going forward. Presumably, given the current World situation, when they think we’re ready to be told about it.

How likely is it to be true? That Mrs Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor has finally laid down her duty? Eminently so. That this no-mark gossip monger from America has somehow beaten the country’s biggest security operation going? About as likely as Boris Johnson saying something truthful.

Nevertheless, I’m marking it here. Just, you know, in case. Be prepared.

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